Holiday Season: How to use SMS to drive sales?

Photo credits: LybianSpider

The text-messaging (SMS) function is almost as old as mobile phones, second only to the dialing function. In a bit more than 20 years the mobile industry has seen an extraordinary evolution, which started in 1983 with Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.  Nevertheless, the SMS function has remained almost the same over the years.

Then, why do we still use this “antique” option so often? The reasons are simple: It is easyeveryone knows how to use it, and it works! In fact it works so well that 95% of SMS are read within 15 minutes (Moto Messaging, 2012). Indeed, SMS drives customer engagement and sales, and makes it possible to engage with customers in a personal way, hence, as Mobile Commerce Daily writes, SMS might be the best way to reach your customers during the upcoming Holiday Season. This is true especially for small and medium sized companies.

Whilst almost every person knows how to send a personal SMS, ensure that you approach sending customer SMS with a professional tool at hand. Here are some tips for getting you started with SMS campaigns:

  • Signing up: In order to send out text messages, you need your customers to opt-in receiving SMS from. Ensure that you ask for your customers’ mobile phone number and approval to send them offers via SMS in all interactions you have with them.
  • Frequency: Do not send out SMS messages too often to your customers – max 4 messages per month
  • Relevancy: Improve your messages with personalizing the SMS to your customers
  • Call-to-action: Ensure you have a call-to-action for what you want your customers to act on after receiving the SMS.
  • Improve value: Provide a link in the SMS to a mobile optimized landing page with additional information and call-to-actions.
  • Visual enhancement: A picture is worth 100 words! Sending visual representations of your products will surely increase store walk-ins and phone calls. DIY advertising products such as Madmaker empower the creation of meaningful Multimedia Messages (MMS).
  • Management: Consider linking you SMS group to your CRM system to manage it more easily
  • Termination: Make it easy for your customers to opt-out of the SMS list.

Performing SMS campaigns regularly is a great way to build your repeat customer base, as your customers already know you from before and therefore are more prone to return once they are reminded that you exist. Good luck!

Looking for a SMS platform to support your future marketing activities? Please feel free to contact Boost Communications, who has 12+ years of experience with SMS marketing.

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